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Three hidden injuries after an accident

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

After a serious motor vehicle accident, it can seem like a miracle to be able to walk away with only some scrapes and bruises. Unfortunately, when the cost of medical injuries after an accident can be several thousand dollars or more, some accident victims choose not to seek medical attention and leave things as they are. There are several injuries that you may not be able to spot on yourself. Here are three of the worst you should look out for:

Traumatic brain injuries

A serious blow to the head can take hours or longer to develop recognizable symptoms after an accident but still be deadly. Signs of these injuries can include trouble sleeping or staying awake, nausea, vertigo, mood changes, and uneven pupils.

Spine injuries

Most people associate paralysis with spine injuries, but there are other ways someone can be hurt on their spine. For example, a strong blow to the spine and knock several vertebrae loose and cause a victim considerable pain. Victims can mistake this pain for something that the collision caused when it is actually a symptom of nerve damage in their spine.

Joint injuries

Major collisions can upset the way your joints sit inside you. If they fall out of place, you may not be able to use them comfortably. You may also experience never damage that causes numbness or pain to the degree that keeps you from using it at all.

Be sure to see a doctor

Even if you think you only sustained minor scrapes and bruises from your accident, see a doctor after your accident. Doctors know what to look for when trying to find hidden injuries, and they can be the difference in whether you receive the life-saving treatment you need.