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5 common mistakes drivers make that cause left-turn motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle riders are potentially vulnerable to four-wheeled vehicles coming at them from any direction. But one of the most common — and deadliest — types of motorcycle accidents happens when a rider is hit by a driver trying to make a left turn. What should be a safe and relatively simple maneuver can become very dangerous if the driver fails to take sensible precautions while turning.

Here are five ways negligent Ohio motorists can cause terrible motorcycle wrecks while making a left turn at an intersection:

  • Speeding
  • Rushing to turn through a yellow or red light
  • Failing to yield to an oncoming motorcycle
  • Driving while distracted by a cellphone, food, etc
  • Carelessly failing to notice that a rider is approaching

In other words, a driver who takes their duty of due care toward motorcyclists and others on the road seriously is much less likely to cause a wreck while turning left. Everything on the list above is a preventable error. A strong case can be made that a driver who commits one of these actions and gets into a collision with a motorcycle as a result is responsible for the rider’s injuries.

Avoiding riders on left turns is easy if the driver cares

Instead, drivers can do things like following the speed limit, watching closely for motorcycles at the intersection, checking their mirrors and using their turn signals. These are simple things that safe drivers always do. But riders cannot count on everyone else on the road acting responsibly. And because they have little beyond their skills and clothing to protect them, motorcycle riders are at particular risk of suffering horrific trauma in a crash with a multi-ton truck, SUV, or car.