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Equipment failure on a commercial truck can lead to disaster

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Trucking Accidents

Like all motor vehicles, commercial vehicles like semis and other large trucks are complex and intricate. If a system suddenly fails, the driver may lose control and crash into a much smaller passenger vehicle. Thus, the result of an equipment failure on a commercial truck can be a disaster.

A recent example from another state shows what can happen when this happens in Ohio. A dump truck crashed into two cars and authorities are blaming brake failure for the incident.

According to a news report, the truck was carrying a load of dirt and traveling downhill on a road with a roundabout at the bottom. The truck driver lost control while going through the roundabout. It is not clear if the truck followed the flow of traffic in the circle or literally went “through” it. Regardless, at some point the truck’s brakes failed, and it crashed into a car and SUV.

Three people involved in the crash were taken to the hospital, but fortunately, their injuries were minor. An out-of-control, large dump truck with a full load could have easily caused much more harm.

Who is responsible when a truck’s brakes stop working?

Brake failure could be the result of the truck manufacturer installing defective brakes. But another possibility is that the company that owns the dump truck failed to regularly inspect its brakes or perform routine maintenance. When a company that owns motor vehicles negligently fails to keep them in good repair, it can be held liable when a vehicle from its fleet gets into a serious wreck. A negligent party did not have to be present at the scene of a car accident to be indirectly responsible for it.