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by | Dec 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

As this year ends, we are proud to share some of the work we accomplished in 2022 for families who came to us for help during a time of need following preventable tragedy.

 Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Konrad Kircher and Ryan McGraw settled claims on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse for a total of $2.35 million.

Medical Malpractice

Lindsay Lawrence and Joe Shea secured $4.565 million for nine medical malpractice victims.

General Injury

Barb Strady, Matt Nakajima, Mike Weisensel, Gus Lazares, Justin Sanders, Eric Allen, and Charles M. Rittgers recovered more than $27 million for injury victims, including car crash, truck crash, premises liability, and dog bites. Some examples include:

$7 million car crash settlement involving burn injuries

$3.725 million settlement involving a commercial vehicle crash

$3 million policy limit settlement after serious injury suffered after falling down a dark stairwell

$3 million policy limit settlement for an anoxic brain injury from an unsupervised child at a recreational pool facility

$2.02 million dollar settlement exhausting all policy limits for a rear-end tractor trailer crash causing injury to a woman

$2 million dollar policy limit settlement settlement related to an improperly loaded flatbed semi-truck which killed a man

$1.575 million dollar car crash settlement following a significant abdominal scar and loss of a spleen

$1.5 million policy limit settlement after an elderly driver struck a person head on killing him

$1.25 million policy limit settlement for an ankle and wrist fracture after insurance company failed to make an offer to injured party for 23 months (before our involvement) arguing sudden medical emergency defense

$1 million dollar policy limit settlement in tractor trailer crash resulting in significant facial lacerations and scarring.