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Can a Patient Record their Visits with a Medical Professional?

The short answer? Yes. Ohio adheres to a “one-party consent” rule, meaning that as long as one party to the conversation (in this case, you, the patient) consents to the recording, it is permissible. This was articulated in Smith v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where the court upheld the right of a patient and their family to record a meeting with a healthcare provider without their knowledge. The attorneys for their healthcare provider attempted to say the recording was privileged information and was not admissible at trial, however the court rejected that argument due to lack of support.

Benefits For Patients And Considerations For Healthcare Providers

For patients, the ability to record doctor’s visits can serve several purposes. It allows them to accurately recall medical advice, ensure transparency in their healthcare, and potentially gather evidence in cases of medical malpractice or disputes. Healthcare providers, on the other hand, must be mindful of patients’ rights to record interactions and ensure that their actions comply with ethical and legal standards.

Ohio Law Supports The Right To Record

Ohio law supports patients’ right to record conversations with healthcare providers. This practice can be a valuable tool for patients to protect their interests and ensure accountability in medical care.