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Prison Time Reduced For $34 Million Koss Corp. Embezzler

A U.S. District Judge reduced prison time for a former executive for Koss Corp. by 25 percent, last week. Sujata “Sue” Sachdeva was convicted of embezzling approximately $34 million from her Milwaukee-based employer. She used the stolen funds to purchase expensive jewelry, clothing, household decorations and vacations.

After her arrest Sachdeva cooperated with law enforcement and the FBI, helping them recover items she purchased with the stolen funds. She also testified against former cohorts in her embezzlement scheme. She has been serving in a minimum security California prison since being prosecuted in 2010.

In her hearing last week, U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman reduced her prison sentence by 33 months, citing good behavior and participation in optional prison programs. Prosecutors supported her bid for a reduced sentence, which she is expected to now complete in 2017.

Think what you want about Sachdeva’s cooperation with the authorities – is because she saw the wrong in her ways or she was simply trying to save her own hide? – but she seems to have gotten on the good side of just about everybody in the criminal justice system.

Sachdeva was well-liked at Koss, too. When her embezzlement scheme was uncovered, coworkers had a tough time believing that she was responsible for such a crime.

Masterful con artist or remorseful employee, Sachdeva seems to be getting the best possible outcome after her conviction for a serious white collar crime. It shows what may be possible when you partner with an experienced and creative criminal defense attorney.