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Criminal Defense

OVI refusal ends in acquittal

Recently, Rittgers & Rittgers attorney Neal Schuett won an OVI trial where the client was acquitted on all charges, including possession of marijuana. The client was pulled over at a rest stop off 71 near Lebanon, Ohio at approximately 4am. The Ohio State Patrol...

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When an Accused is Charged With a Crime, is the State Permitted to Introduce Evidence of the Accused’s Prior Bad Act at the Trial to Attempt to Show the Accused is Likely to Commit Bad Acts and is Therefore Guilty of the Crime in Question?

No. Ohio Rule of Evidence 404(B) outlines a limited set of circumstances during which a prosecutor can attempt to introduce prior bad acts. A prosecutor cannot use a accused's prior bad act to show the accused has a tendency to act wrongfully and from that, attempt to...

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