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Why An Arrest Warrant Can’t Be Ignored

by | May 17, 2016 | Criminal Defense

In a typical police investigation there is no arrest warrant because the person charged is either in police custody or has been cited to court. But in situations where a police investigation results in charges filed days, weeks, or even months later, an arrest warrant will issue directing police to arrest the person at anytime and anyplace. And, if the arrest warrant is executed in another state, the out-of-state arrest will cause an additional and unnecessary period of incarceration because of extradition.

Because people are often unaware of the risk of arrest associated with an arrest warrant, they go about their regular, daily routine without expecting that they will arrested. But if they are arrested on the warrant, they often receive higher bonds typically associated with their charge or charges, and may even be required to remain in jail until trial. Without understanding these risks, a person with an active arrest warrant will unnecessarily jeopardize his or her freedom if they don’t seek the proper legal advice.

We were recently contacted by the boyfriend of a woman arrested in Ohio on an arrest warrant for a criminal charge filed in Michigan. Apparently the woman believed that Ohio police had no authority to arrest her on a Michigan warrant. Unfortunately, after her arrest she remained incarcerated in Ohio while waiting for her extradition to Michigan. While she would still have faced prosecution in Michigan, this woman’s arrest and incarceration could have been avoided had she sought the advice of a competent criminal defense attorney.

Compare an Oklahoma man who contacted us with a similar situation. He had an arrest warrant out of Ohio but was afraid to leave Oklahoma to address his criminal charge in Ohio because of his risk of arrest on the warrant and probable incarceration pending his trial. In that case, we were able to arrange the man’s return to the jurisdiction where the warrant and charge were filed and negotiate with the police, prosecution and judge to terminate the warrant and set a bond that the man could post to ensure his continued freedom pending trial on the criminal charge.

While a person’s incarceration cannot always be avoided, hiring a criminal defense attorney to help with an arrest warrant, issued in conjunction with a criminal charge or charges, can be the difference between an unnecessary incarceration and your continued freedom pending trial.

Please speak to a competent criminal defense attorney when you are the subject of an arrest warrant. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.