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Suffering a Serious Injury Out-of-State – In what state should I hire a law firm?

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Personal Injury

Recent settlement story

Recently, we were retained by an Ohio resident who suffered a fractured leg in a skiing accident in Colorado. Our client tried to handle the claim on his own but received low settlement offers from the insurance carrier. Prior to our involvement, the insurance company was not forthcoming with our client about how Colorado law dealt with liability issues or health insurance liens. Shortly after we were retained, we notified the insurance carrier that under Colorado law our client was not responsible for any part of his injuries.

We sent the company a fair demand that was far above the highest offer they previously made to our client and informed them that we were ready to litigate the matter with local Colorado counsel if they were not fair with their settlement offer. We were able to settle the case for far above the offer that was sent before our representation without the need for expensive out-of-state litigation.

Ohio lawyers for nationwide cases

Our injury lawyers handle cases from coast to coast and often co-counsel cases in other states with local lawyers. The standard attorney fees in the case do not increase with two law firms and this approach gives our clients a local Ohio firm in addition to a law firm in the state where their injury occurred.

If you need counsel in the state where the accident occurred, we can use our national connections to find the best attorney to help you. Even if a lawsuit is filed out of state, we can continue to represent you all the way through litigation.

If you are injured out of state, please call us for a free consultation to understand how we can help.