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License Intervention Programs

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Many Ohio drivers find themselves charged with “driving under suspension” after a routine traffic stop. Many of those same drivers had no knowledge that their license was even suspended until they were informed of the suspension by a police officer.

There are many different reasons that your license can be suspended. Ranging from OVI/DUI suspension to failure to provide proof of insurance after a prior accident. Depending on the type of suspension and if you have ever had a prior conviction for driving under suspension, the offense can range from an unclassified misdemeanor that does not carry the possibility of jail time to a first-degree misdemeanor that carries mandatory jail time if convicted. Speaking with an attorney that understands the traffic law is important so that you can take the necessary steps to get your license reinstated and, potentially, avoid a conviction.

Driving is a modern necessity. But driving without a valid license can quickly become a rabbit hole of suspensions, reinstatement fees, and high insurance bonds if you do not correctly handle the situation at the start.

Many courts have license intervention programs, or commonly called L.I.P., that are designed to help defendants avoid the spiral down the suspension rabbit hole. The goal of a L.I.P. is to help the defendant obtain a valid driver’s license. In some courts, successfully completing a L.I.P. can result in the dismissal of your driving under suspension charge.

Ignoring a suspended license is a bad decision. Talk with an attorney about if your court has a L.I.P. so that you can avoid further costs, suspensions, and hassle from the police.