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Butler County Area Courts to Offer Fee Amnesty

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If you owe court fees to Butler County Area 1 (Oxford), 2 (Hamilton), or 3 (West Chester) Court those courts are currently offering a fee amnesty program through May 22, 2020. Individuals owing fines in those three courts can have the remainder of those fees waived if they pay half the amount owed, plus $125 for court costs. 

The Court will also lift all license forfeitures and registration blocks associated with those fines.

If defendants are unable to pay half of their fines but can pay $50 will be given a new court date to address the remainder of the fine. Also, anyone with an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor that can pay $125 for court costs will be able to have that warrant lifted and the case rescheduled for a new date. This, though, does not apply to charges of domestic violence, assault and violations of a protection order. Currently, nearly half of the 5,679 warrants through these courts are for nonpayment of fines.