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Ohio’s New “Constitutional Carry” Law

by | May 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Starting June 12, 2022, Ohio will make a concealed weapons permit optional for anyone legally allowed to carry a gun. Previously, if you wanted to get your concealed carry permit in Ohio, you had to complete 8 hours of training and submit to a background check. That is no longer the case–Ohioans will now be able to carry concealed weapons without a permit or training. Effectively, people 21 or older in Ohio can carry a concealed gun without a permit if they are legally allowed to own the gun. The new law does not change the restrictions on carrying guns in certain places, like courthouses. It also does not change the law that one cannot use or carry a firearm while under the influence.

Ohio became the 23rd state to pass a permit optional concealed carry law. Kentucky has had a similar law in effect since 2019. Indiana’s legislature is considering permit optional concealed carry as well.  From a criminal defense perspective, the new law may greatly impact currently pending CCW and improper handling cases. Our office has seen different counties take different approaches with these cases with the new law in mind. Some counties are no longer indicting these charges, whereas some are offering diversion programs in situations where, but for the law change, such an offer would not have been made. We stay current in our knowledge of the law as well as new developments and use this to better assist our clients. If you or someone you know has been charged with a CCW offense, our office can use or knowledge and years of experience.