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Proven Cincinnati And Butler County Birth Injury Lawyers

Bringing a baby into the world should be one of the happiest moments in a parent’s life. All parents dream of delivering a healthy baby without complications and they expect their baby to grow up to be a healthy adult. However, complications during pregnancy or delivery can lead to temporary or permanent injury to the baby. Unfortunately, some of these birth injuries occur because of medical errors of a medical professional and could have been avoided.

A Knowledgeable Attorney Serving Oxford, Cincinnati And Northern Kentucky Can Help

There are many different possible causes of birth injuries, including:

  • Delayed cesarean section
  • Failure to notice fetal distress
  • Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn
  • Injuries from delivery
  • Improper use of medical devices – forceps or vacuums
  • Improper assessment and monitoring of baby’s health in the womb
  • Improper use of Pitocin or other agents to induce labor
  • Brain-related injuries, including cerebral palsy
  • Muscle-related injuries, including brachial plexus and shoulder dystocia
  • Infections

Our clients come from Butler County and other area communities, seeking legal advice after their newborns or older children show signs of possible birth injuries due to negligence by health care professionals.

Learn More By Talking To An Attorney

As a result of a birth injury, an infant may be afflicted with a serious medical condition such as cerebral palsy, autism, or epilepsy. In situations where harm to the baby was avoidable, it is important to seek legal advice right away. Our attorneys and our certified legal nurse consultant at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima work together as a team on each case so you receive the high-quality representation needed to be successful. Contact us today by calling 513-496-0134 or send us an email.