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Oxford Area I Court

The attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima frequently represent people accused of crimes in the Butler County Area I Court in Oxford, OH. Our Oxford Office is located directly across the street from the court, and Neal Schuett has proven results in the Area I Court. Here is some information about the court:


The Butler County Area I Court in Oxford hears all criminal cases (including underage drinking charges) from Oxford and the surrounding area, including those cases that occur on Miami University’s campus. The Area I Court will hear misdemeanor-level offenses through conclusion, but will only hear the introductory, or “preliminary hearing,” portion of felony cases before they are transferred (known as “bound over”) to the felony courts in Hamilton, Ohio.


The Area I Court only hears criminal cases on Thursdays. Note: If you or your loved one is in custody for an Oxford-related incident, and you are told that the arraignment will be on a day other than a Thursday, the arraignment will not be in Oxford, but in Hamilton. Thursday court will begin at 10 a.m., break for lunch, and continue until all of the cases set for that day are heard by the Judge. Domestic violence cases are the only exception: those cases are heard at 8 a.m. on select Thursdays each month.

The 10 a.m. to lunch docket will include the non-contested hearings, including arraignments, pleas, continuances, and Diversion-related cases. The afternoon docket will include contested hearings such as trials and motions to suppress. Any cases involving defendants being held in jail will also be heard in the afternoon.


The most important step is to show up for your court date. Failure to attend court will likely result in the Judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. It is true that some “minor misdemeanor” offenses can be paid out ahead of court, but the list of these offenses is smaller than you think and does not include most drinking offenses. Furthermore, paying out even a “minor misdemeanor” citation is the same as pleading guilty to the offense (most people do not realize this!), and thus can have a negative impact on your future.

You can likely save yourself some time by hiring an attorney to represent you. An attorney can often appear on your behalf for you initial court appearances and have your appearance waived. You will also save time because the Judge calls all attorney-cases first before calling the cases for people who are not represented. Last, but not least, if you plan to just plead guilty (a very bad idea), the Judge will likely strongly advise you not to do that, and to speak with an attorney first-so you might as well save yourself the time on the front end! The Judge will always grant you a continuance to speak with an attorney.

If you have finished your case in front of the Judge and are sentenced to pay fines, meet with probation, or attend a program, make sure to meet with the clerks at the windows before leaving the courthouse to take care of those matters.

If you have been charged with a crime in the Butler County Area I Court, contact our Oxford Office at 513-496-0134 today!

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