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Rideshare And Delivery Vehicles In Cincinnati Can Cause Serious Accidents

The convenience of ordering online and using ride-sharing services make them both extremely popular. But what happens when there is a vehicle accident involving those vehicles? Will you be able to recover damages for your losses?

At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima in Cincinnati, our experienced vehicle accident lawyers represent people affected by these accidents in the city and throughout Hamilton County. If you were injured by these types of drivers, you should talk to an attorney today to find out what rights you have. These cases can be complex, so make sure that you work with a legal team that has the necessary experience. Our lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your accident claim. Contact us today.

Rideshare Accidents In The Cincinnati Area

If you are a rideshare or ridehail driver and another party caused an accident while you were driving, you should be able to hold that party accountable. There may be steps to follow from your rideshare company, so you will want to check on that. If you caused the accident, you will need to let the company know, and you may want to speak with a lawyer before talking to them so you know your rights.

If you were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle or were driving your own vehicle and there was an accident, then you can make a claim for your injuries and other losses. However, you may need a lawyer to determine how to make that happen. In general, if you contacted the company through the app, then you may be able to recover up to $1 million. The same applies if you were the driver of your own vehicle, but that may depend on whether the rideshare driver had picked up their passenger yet.

It’s often a complicated situation that is best handled by a knowledgeable Ohio rideshare accident attorney.

Cincinnati Delivery Driver Accidents

As a delivery driver, your greatest risk of suffering an injury is if you get into a vehicle accident. If the other party caused the accident, then they should be accountable for your injuries. Depending on the reasons for the crash, such as an unsafe vehicle or employer negligence of some kind, your employer may be at fault. If you as the driver caused the accident, your own car insurance policy might cover the other party’s losses. You will need an attorney to sort out liability in these cases.

Did a delivery truck, van or car hit you? You should be able to sue the delivery company for compensation for injuries, lost wages, medical bills and more. You will need an experienced attorney to determine exactly who is liable in these types of accidents and hold them accountable.

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