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Lebanon Wrongful Death Lawyers

When accidents happen on the roads in Warren County, one of the most tragic outcomes is the loss of life. Losing a person you love is possibly the hardest struggle you will ever experience. It can be personally isolating and financially devastating.

At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima, our attorneys know that there’s only so much help a person can get in these situations. Loss is hard. However, there are many ways that our team can help make this next part a little easier on you. Our lawyers regularly take on the legal aspects of the injury problems facing clients from Lebanon and across the county. They are attentive and compassionate to our clients’ needs while they diligently pursue the compensation they deserve.

Compensation For A Lost Loved One

When you lose someone you love, you have more than just your grief in front of you. Bills will begin to stack up. A wrongful death lawsuit can help you manage the financial difficulties ahead by pursuing such damages as:

  • Lost wages: Your loved one contributed to your bills and secured payments for your home. They would have continued to provide for a long time.
  • Medical bills: A hospital will bill you for even unsuccessful treatment.
  • Emotional pain: There is no way to place a price tag on loss; however, compensation can help alleviate some of the pressure you’re under.
  • Loss of consortium: Losing a partner is a special kind of pain. They helped you not just financially but physically, emotionally and logistically. That loss is difficult to replace.

The damages for a wrongful death lawsuit can be great, and you deserve every cent you can secure. Our attorneys can help you with that.

Filing A Wrongful Death Suit

Ohio law offers a complication in wrongful death lawsuits in that the only individual with standing is the “personal representative of the estate.” The court designates this person if the will does not do this. The personal representative’s duty is solely to the estate, but, in most cases, they can and will pursue a wrongful death claim when it’s appropriate.

Learn More About This Process In Lebanon From Our Attorneys

Our lawyers are here to help you. They want to listen to you and give you the information you need to make the right choices and get the help you need. Call our office today at 513-496-0134 or send an email using this online form.