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Lebanon Amazon Flex Delivery Accident Lawyers

Since 2020, fast, reliable delivery has been an incredible convenience and is slowly shifting into an expectation. The downside of that is the heavy increase in trucks on the roads of Lebanon and Warren County and the pressures the drivers are under. Accidents with these trucks are just as devastating as with any other vehicle.

At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima, our attorneys are thorough and experienced with all matters regarding delivery truck accidents. They work with clients across Warren County to secure compensation for injuries suffered. The issue here is that the delivery trucks are supported by companies with access to immense resources. Successfully getting compensation can be very difficult.

Warren County Lawyers On Your Side

Every single company that invests in the infrastructure to make “rapid delivery” possible makes certain calculations. One of those calculations is how likely it is that a person will be in an accident. And, if these calculations are wrong in any way, companies use well-funded, aggressive legal teams to:

  • Negotiate every possible claim
  • Imply and suggest your liability at every turn
  • Bury claims in legal paperwork
  • Use the court system to delay any action on your claim

This approach is cold, and it puts you at a serious disadvantage if you’re doing it alone. However, our lawyers understand the law in Ohio and are able to fight for you. They will thoroughly research and pursue your claim and work to put you on even footing with the companies.

Your Recovery Is Our Bottom Line

Amazon and other delivery companies’ bottom line is profit, and, in many ways, their profit is at your expense. Our attorneys will put all their efforts into fighting back against the difficulties you’re facing by using the law. You deserve compensation for your injuries. Call us at 513-496-0134 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation to learn how they will fight for you.