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Lebanon Uber And Lyft Accident Lawyers

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have been a win-win situation for riders and drivers. Riders get a relatively inexpensive, simple way to get around; drivers get extra income. However, that win-win is a big loss for other drivers in Lebanon and Warren County who want safer roads.

At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima, our attorneys work with people suffering from car accident injuries across Lebanon and Warren County. They will provide thorough, thoughtful information and determined advocacy to you after your accident with a rideshare vehicle. To be sure, these are complex cases for many reasons.

Why Are Rideshare Accidents Risky?

Becoming a driver for Lyft or Uber is not much more complicated than downloading an app. You may have to wait for some hardware in the mail. Keeping your vehicle compliant is exactly as difficult as it is to pass inspections in Ohio.

However, rideshare drivers are incentivized to push their limits to make ends meet in the following ways:

  • They will pick up rides at all hours of the day.
  • They will go longer than they need to.
  • They will drive on little sleep.
  • They will drive in bad weather.
  • They will take risks to get to destinations and pickups.

These drivers are under immense pressure, but that does not excuse their mistakes or the accidents they cause. And, it is only the beginning of the complexities of the case.

Who Is At Fault In A Rideshare Car Accident In Warren County?

Rideshare companies consider their drivers contractors rather than employees. Car insurers may consider the vehicle a consumer vehicle, not a commercial passenger vehicle. The driver may consider themselves an employee. There are many wrinkles in a rideshare accident case that can make it exhausting to fight through it.

However, our skilled lawyers can provide you with a detailed plan of action. They can take on the stressful and confusing issues ahead. They will educate you on the law and help you with your plan of action.

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