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Guide To Regaining Drivers License After A DUI

Medical Marijuana Law Raises Questions

Ohio has joined the ranks of states easing restrictions on marijuana to allow the substance to be used medically. The new medical marijuana law is far from the blanket legalization that many people support, but some consider it a step in the right direction. For people with qualifying health conditions, access to medical marijuana could be a life-changer. Read More >>>

The Police Officer Did Not Read Me My Miranda Rights. Will My Case Be Dismissed?

Many people charged with crimes wonder whether their case will automatically be dismissed because the police officer did not read them their Miranda rights. While Miranda warnings are extremely important, an officer’s failure to read them in and of itself does not result in a dismissal of criminal charges. Read More >>>

Administrative License Suspension, Issues Warranting a Termination: A Quick Guide To Regaining Your Driver’s License After a DUI Arrest

The purpose of this quick guide is to familiarize you with several situations that may warrant the termination of an ALS, as well as the relevant statues and case law. Freely share it with your family and friends. Read More>>>

White Paper: Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

If you or someone you know has been accused of OVI in Ohio, this comprehensive White Paper gives you an excellent understanding of the law and legal process. Written by the award-winning OVI lawyers at Rittgers & Rittgers, it is an excellent resource to download and share with others. Read More>>>

Economists: Repealing Motorcycle Helmet Law Boosts Organ Harvest

The universal motorcycle helmet law debate has a new talking point after a study concluded that organ donation increases 10 percent after a helmet law is repealed. Read More>>>

Dollars And Sense: Is Hiring An Injury Lawyer Worth The Money?

Research shows the recovery amount is much higher for people represented by lawyers, even after legal fees are paid. Read More>>>

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Guiding You Through An Ohio Motorcycle Accident

A comprehensive, 20-page eBook discussing liability, injuries and important steps to take after a motorcycle crash. A great resource for riders to freely print or download. Read More>>>

Ohio Nursing Home Closes Amid Allegations Of Nursing Home Abuse

A recent closing brings attention to the problem of nursing home abuse in Ohio. Read More>>>

Safe Or Unsafe? Decoding Fresenius’ Dialysis Machine Recalls

Fresenius has a track record of disregarding the safety of patients to keep its products on the market. Learn more about its recent dialysis-product recalls and the recourse available to victims. Read More >>>

Common Dangers And Threats In Ohio Nursing Homes

Learn about the common sources of substandard nursing home care and what legal rights you have when a family member has been harmed. Read More>>>

Information For Ohio Motorcyclists: Your Risks, Your Rights

A recent study in Florida found that caged motorists are at fault in 60 percent of car-motorcycle collisions. Learn about the common types of motorcycle accidents and the rights that Ohioans have to recover money after harmful or fatal crashes. Read More>>

Researchers develop new treatment for spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are prevalent across the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC reports that most of them are caused by motor vehicle accidents. However, injuries sustained while playing sports, slip and falls and as a result of violence cause a significant number as well. Read More>>

Ohio bill proposes harsh penalty for wrong-way drivers

A vote on a proposed new bill that would increase penalties for wrong-way drivers was recently postponed because some legislators felt it was extreme. The provision causing controversy is one that imposes a one-year mandatory license suspension for any driver traveling more than 500 feet in the wrong direction. An additional such violation results in one year in jail. Read More>>

Connected Car Technology: Advancing Awareness of Car Accident Hazards

We all hear plenty about the driving distractions posed by electronic devices that increase the likelihood of car crashes and truck accidents. However, there is also a major upside to wireless technologies, and automotive industry experts predict that all new motor vehicles will eventually be equipped with “connected car” systems that will allow cars and trucks to communicate with each other and inform drivers about imminent hazards. Read more>>

How Long Can You Wait to File a Car Accident Claim in Ohio?

After a car accident that causes injuries or property damage, people naturally have plenty of questions about settlement and car accident litigation. Some of the most important issues in most car accident claims involve insurance coverage, whether the at-fault driver was uninsured or the injury victim needs compensation for medical bills and other damages beyond auto liability policy limits. Read more>>

Red Light Cameras: Ohio City Sees Reduction of Car Accidents

For injury victims and their families, car accidents are difficult to understand. It is especially difficult when the car accident is caused by a blatant violation of the law such as driving under the influence or speeding. Setting aside the common-sense driving standards that the law imposes due to recklessness or a personal lapse of judgment is simply unacceptable. Read more>>

Highway Patrol Stats Provide Details on Ohio Highway Fatalities

The good news: motor vehicle accidents on Ohio streets and highways resulting in death have decreased in recent years. The bad news: more than 1,000 drivers, passengers and pedestrians lost their lives last year in Ohio. Truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other tragedies that result in wrongful deaths cause tremendous heartache for an even larger number of family members and other loved ones. Read more>>

Pediatric Study Finds “Epidemic” of Child Brain Injuries in ATV Accidents

Research recently presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition took a close look at the steep rise in ATV accidents among riders 16 and younger. Child injury victims represent one of every three emergency room visits that resulted from the use of these increasingly popular recreational vehicles. Read more>>

Recent Ohio Motorcycle Accidents Stress Need for Better Awareness

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and groups like the National Safety Council sponsor programs every year to educate motorists about sharing the road with motorcyclists. A common cause of fatal motorcycle accidents is a driver’s failure to see a biker until it is too late to avert a collision. All too often, the driver claims to have never seen the motorcycle Read more>>


Bus accidents can be deadly. The tragic 2007 bus crash involving the Bluffton University baseball team is one example. During the team’s spring trip to Florida, their charter bus driver mistakenly entered an Atlanta off ramp at an excessive rate of speed before the bus flipped over a barrier and landed upside down on a highway 20 feet below. The driver, his wife and five members of the Bluffton team were killed, and many others suffered serious injuries in the sudden and violent motor vehicle accident. Read more>>

Toyota Auto Defect Update: Company Kept Quiet About Acceleration Problem

A series of vehicle problems that took a toll on Toyota’s reputation over the last year were a media staple for weeks. Certainly the most harrowing of the auto defects that were reported by Toyota owners was the unintended acceleration experienced in Corollas and other models. Read more>>

Examining the Causes of a Deadly Ohio Truck/Pedestrian Accident

After a motor vehicle crash, police officers usually fill out an accident report to record details from the scene of the wreck as well as witness accounts. The accident report provides basic information that can be used to determine which driver or drivers were at fault. Law enforcement officers, however, do not have the resources or time to conduct an intensive investigation. Read more>>

Motorcycle Accidents: Safety Reminders and Road Hazards

Late spring and early summer is a good time for drivers to remind themselves that they share the road with motorcycles. They need to patiently proceed at intersections and be aware of blind spots. Just as important, motorcyclists must renew their dedication to driving smartly and defensively. Ridership is on the increase: recreational riders hit the open road on weekends to enjoy the countryside, and frugal commuters have plenty of incentive to brave traffic on anything from a Harley to a Vespa or moped. Any effort to reduce motorcycle accidents will pay dividends by helping some families avoid the heartache that follows a serious injury or fatal crash. Read more>>

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