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Reviews Testimonials

With over 200 years of combined legal experience representing clients in thousands of contested hearings and trials, Rittgers & Rittgers has developed a strong reputation for success throughout southwest Ohio. Attorneys at Rittgers & Rittgers have earned the highest professional and ethical rating under Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system.* Following are some of the reviews our clients have posted online about our services.

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Rittgers & Rittgers Clients Reviews and Testimonials

He gave me my life back. I can think of no higher praise. He knows the law and he listens and fights for his client. His advice is sound and in the client’s best interest. Thank you Mr. Rittgers.
– Bill

Rittgers and Rittgers is the benchmark for criminal defense and personal injury. The firm offers very experienced trial attorneys who work vigorously to achieve optimal results. As a Cincinnati-area transactional lawyer, I would use Rittgers & Rittgers for my own personal needs and can honestly recommend the firm based on their reputation for excellence, client service, and positive results. It is reassuring to see such a great law firm in the area that not only works tirelessly for their clients, but also truly cares about those they represent.
– George M.

I can’t thank Rittgers & Rittgers enough for the kind, professional and supportive care I received from their firm. From the minute I called the firm, I was treated with such respect and my situation was handled promptly and with the utmost care. I couldn’t believe that I even received an email about my case on a SATURDAY! EACH of my questions was answered and I was made to feel as if I was his only client. I continue to be impressed I and will, without hesitation, call Rittgers and Rittgers for ANY and ALL of my future legal needs.
– John S.

Charles M. Rittgers and the entire staff at Rittgers and Rittgers were more than expected. From the initial (and extremely prompt) call back, to timely updates along the way, to conclusion, they were always there when needed. Despite having a rather minor case, I felt as if I was their #1 priority, which made a stressful situation bearable. And most importantly, a successful outcome in the end! If I ever need legal services again, I would not hesitate to give Charlie a call, and would easily recommend R & R to friends and family
– Aisha

Nick Graman is my hero. His firm was suggested to me by several of my friends and I am so thankful. He was professional, understanding, and compassionate. I was overwhelmingly relieved with the results. He exceeded all my expectations. I will recommend him to all of my friends and family. I will continue to use him in the future. When dealing with an attorney I feel trust is the most important factor. I trust Nick Graman.
– Cary

A Wonderful Law Firm. I recently had a legal issue arise which was very touchy for me, and I was referred to Rittgers & Rittgers as THE firm to contact in Warren county. Several people suggested Rittgers & Rittgers, and the strongest recommendation came from a lawyer who did not have expertise in the area that I needed. Charles Rittgers Sr. was extremely easy to work with and was able to resolve my issue most effectively. Everyone else that I came into contact with at the firm was equally professional. I most wholeheartedly recommend Rittgers & Rittgers to anyone looking for a lawyer.
– Tim O.

Charlie Rittgers and his firm did an excellent job in representing me in my personal injury case. The case settled prior to having to file a lawsuit for more than I had anticipated. I felt I was in good hands the entire process and was kept totally informed about what was going on with my case. I would highly recommend this firm.
– Casey

You lived up to the hype. I forgot to give you my sincere thanks for getting me through this legally. You are very professional and lived up to all the hype the folks said about you when they all referred me to you. I would still thank you even if it didn’t come out so great because you prepared me for the worst case scenario. I had to hear for 9 months how the judge was going to so book me into child support for how horrible of a husband I am … and today just really set the record straight … publicly. Thanks again and you are worth every penny.
– D.W.

The best lawyers. I know three lawyers at this firm. This is THE local law firm to contact if you need a lawyer. The attorneys at this firm care about their clients and have earned their reputation through hard work and years of experience. Thank you Rittgers and Rittgers. If I ever need help in the future, you are my only call.
– Brian

Ask for Charlie … I worked briefly with Charlie and his father, also an attorney at Rittgers & Rittgers, and my experience was incredibly positive. They are both polite, professional and dedicated. If I should ever need their services again in the future, they will be my first call. I recommend them highly.
– Amy W.

I have consulted with Mrs. Rittgers on multiple occasions. In each instance she has provided me with spot-on advice. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend Mrs. Rittgers for any divorce-related matter. You cannot find better counsel.
– Michael.

Charlie helped me through a personal issue and was immediate in his response to my first call on a Saturday, and met me the next day (on Sunday) to gather the facts in my case. He was forthright, professional and candid in what we should do, as well as anticipated costs, depending on what took place. I would recommend him highly for his follow-through in dealing with a personal and sensitive issue for me. I can also say the same about the staff at Rittgers & Rittgers very professional with superb followup.
– Dan

Great job. Charlie was great w/my son’s case. I was a nervous wreck & he handled things professionally & quickly. Even when there were issues not related to him or the case, he took the time, after hours, to try to resolve! I would recommend him to anyone that needs legal help.
– Jan S.

Excellent outcome. Charlie Rittgers resolved my case immediately! He knew the system, the law, and how to use it to my best interest. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone that needs them.
– Jessica U.

A year after being permanently disabled due to a horrific accident, I contacted several law firms in the Cincinnati area. After considering several law firms, (some of which spend big money on television advertisement) I started to interview with many of my choices. About halfway through, I spoke to Charles Rittgers. I could tell right away that this firm had an integrity that I had not found in the others. My case was not an easy one to prove on the surface. The Rittgers firm took the case on my word of the events that happened. Charles Rittgers got started right away. With due diligence, our case started to unfold. The facts became more and more evident to all involved. During this time, I was introduced to my “team”. The courtesy and care of those people were beyond my expectations. Charles M. Rittgers, son of Charles H., was introduced to me early on. After all the evidence was gathered, it was clear to see the defendants were at fault, and we tried to settle with them. That was futile. Not only were they unwilling to pay for my medical bills — $500K but also refused to accept any responsibility. We had no choice but to take them to court. Both son and father worked on my case. Both were there to represent me at the trial. Charlie M. Rittgers presented my case during the summary jury trial. His articulation was brilliant, concise, and thorough. Although a summary trial is nonbinding, it encourages both sides (in this case the defense) to come closer to settle. The jury came back with a $15 million award. This got the defense to settle within a day. Intelligent, professional, personable, knowledgeable, and caring are all words that come to mind when I think of my experience with the Rittgers firm. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find an attorney or staff that could fill the shoes of the Rittgers.
– Darrell Rich.

I got myself into an odd situation for which I take full responsibility and needed a quick and complete resolution. Frankly I merely Googled for a law firm in the area. Little did I know, I hit the jackpot. Rittgers and Rittgers was the 1st organic result. I called and Mr. Rittgers Sr accepted my call without any hesitation. I briefly explained the situation and he suggested I meet with his son Charles M Rittgers and to my surprise I could meet with Charles later that afternoon! The meeting was as brief as it was thorough. Charles reviewed the information I brought with me and assured me he would take of it. Within a few weeks, a better than expected resolution was consummated while I was out of town. I would highly recommend Charles and his firm, for their professionalism is both outstanding and stands out especially since the legal profession in recent years has come under public scrutiny.
– Sam

My family had never confronted any legal trouble and Rittgers and Rittgers helped guide us through the entire process, and really helped save my family’s life. While our case was not within their jurisdiction, they found us a great lawyer in my area and continued to advise us throughout the process. Ultimately the case was thrown out due to the great lawyer they put us in contact with. Rittgers and Rittgers is extremely professional and really seemed to care about us getting a fair solution. I would suggest them to anyone they are people who are passionate about what they do!
– Rich W.

My husband was hit by another driver which resulted in the death of our granddaughter. Rittgers & Rittgers handled our claim very professionally and with much compassion. Mr. Rittgers and his staff worked very hard on our claim. We would recommend Rittgers & Rittgers very highly.
– Delores

We refer all Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky personal injury cases to Rittgers & Rittgers. My law firm has been operating in Missouri for over 25 years specializing in catastrophic Missouri personal injury cases only. As a lawyer and advocate for my client, I know that when we have a client with a personal injury case in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky we must refer them to the most capable firm of trial lawyers. I have absolute trust that when Rittgers & Rittgers handles a case it will get done right. They are experienced and trial tested. Rittgers & Rittgers is the only personal injury firm we will work with in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky
– Craig Schlapprizzi.

It is with great pleasure that I write a review for Rittgers & Rittgers Law Firm, specifically, Charles M. Rittgers, Esq. I am a chiropractic physician in Hamilton, Ohio, and have been treating patients as a result of work injuries, automobile injuries, other personal injuries as well as for general chiropractic health for nearly 20 years. It is customary for my office to work alongside attorneys when we are serving our patients whom have suffered a personal injury, as they are typically represented by a law firm in that regard. In all my years, I cannot say I have ever collaborated with a more esteemed law firm than Rittgers & Rittgers. I have, and will continue to, refer my patients to Charlie M. Rittgers, Esq., as I trust in his abilities as an attorney and further believe he truly cares about his clients, because I have witnessed his compassion and work ethic firsthand. Mr. Rittgers is 100% pro-client, who works diligently and strategically to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, whatever their case may be. From my experience, Rittgers & Rittgers, not only has phenomenal attorneys at its law firm, but also has an exceptional staff that is knowledgeable and always ready to help my staff and our patients. Rittgers & Rittgers is a reputable law firm for a reason, they get results and they care.
– Dr. Matt Murdock

Charlie and his entire staff are caring and focused on good results. I came to the law firm to find a good injury lawyer for a friend of mine. The firm was the best firm we interviewed and the result they obtained was greater than either of us expected. The case was settled before trial.
– Jan

Rittgers & Rittgers was my first experience with a law firm and amazingly a great experience. I was involved in a car crash and not savvy with the legal system. I received several solicitations from attorneys which was very overwhelming and confusing. A friend of mine told me about Charlie Rittgers. I contacted his office and his staff was very helpful. Rittgers & Rittgers took complete control of my case and the settlement was beyond my expectations. I would definitely use Rittgers & Rittgers again! Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge.
– Susan

DO NOT SETTLE for a second-rate attorney when troublesome times arise. Give yourself and your family some peace of mind: CALL CHARLIE. You are not just getting the best attorney, you are working with GOOD people. I have several attorneys in my network but I only trust ONE for my occasional legal needs. I just used Charlie H Rittgers and my case was dismissed. I didn’t have to go to court or pay a fine!
– Don

I was on my business travel to Cincinnati and got trapped for a charge. Upon my search for a lawyer, specifically for crime charges for which I was trapped, Charles Rittgers was the first one to get back to me promptly. He is incredibly nice and considerate, and contacted me right away for a consultation. He made me relaxed and explain what he can do to get me out. I knew that this is the right person for the right job. I live out of state and Charlie made sure that I don’t have to appear for any of my court dates. He did an incredible and extraordinary job to resolve my case. I am very much pleased and happy about the outcome of my case, I could sleep well not to worry anymore. I will strongly recommend Charlie services for any anyone looking for the best attorney.
– Ashok G.

Go See Nick At Rittgers & Rittgers. Great Job! Had a really great experience working with Nick from Rittgers & Rittgers. He was easy to talk to, laid out the correct procedures for my case. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney to help me with my concerns, I would recommend him and the whole entire group to anyone that needs assistants in the court of law.
– Dewey C.

Mr. Rittgers was very efficient and helpful with my case, and got the final result we were both looking for! He got my OVI charge, 2nd in my lifetime, reduced to physical control, resulting in 0 points on my license and probation!!! He didn’t drag it out like most lawyers like to do, giving me peace of mind and enabling me to stop worrying about it, and get on with my life!!
– Criminal Defense Client

Great Lawyers and Great People. I had received a traffic violation that was no small problem to me and I was very worried about how my actions were going to affect my future. I talked to Rittgers & Rittgers and they were able to take care of the situation for me with minimal hassle. I was surprised how effortless it was to work with their firm. Rittgers & Rittgers were able to greatly surpass my expectations on the outcomes of the trial. Not that I plan on looking for trouble but I will definitely be using Rittgers & Rittgers again should I find it.
– David N.

I recently needed a lawyer for a traffic violation where an officer clocked me at 95 in a 55. Needless to say I wasn’t going 95 but I went and saw Charlie. He was straightforward with me and told me how my case was probably going to turn out and that I wouldn’t be able to get it completely dropped. I had to do nothing and they took care of everything which was great. Even his staff is very good as well; they sent me emails with updates on every part of my case and went out of their way to remind me to pay my court fines more than just one time which was good for me because I have a horrible memory. If I need a lawyer for anything I’ll defiantly be back to see them at Rittgers & Rittgers.
– Dillon P.

I was charged with domestic violence and used Rittgers & Rittgers for my case. They helped me through the legal process and prevented a conviction. I would recommend them highly.
– Scott

I recently went through a divorce. Under the best of circumstances it is not a pleasant experience and I was less than thrilled with needing to speak with an attorney. On a recommendation I went and saw Ellen Rittgers. Ellen was compassionate and forthright and put me at ease from the very beginning. She and her staff handle everything to perfection. If you are ever in a similar situation I would highly recommend calling Ellen.
– Adam T.

These lawyers did a ton for me and I can’t thank them enough. They were instrumental in getting a second DUI charge reduced to a reckless operation. Charlie Rittgers and his son were both invested and relentless with their representation.
– Chaney

I cannot thank Mr. Rittgers and his son enough for their hard work and due diligence in my case. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Mr. Rittgers’ outstanding work saved my career and prevented me from unjustly going to prison. He kept me well informed and was completely straightforward throughout the matter. Mr. Rittgers is absolutely the best.
– John

*AV®, AV Preeminent®, Martindale-Hubbell Distinguished and Martindale-Hubbell Notable are certification marks used under license in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell® is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the anonymous opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ fall into two categories – legal ability and general ethical standards.

Charles M. Rittgers working in a soybean field with a metal detector operator to find additional evidence that was left on scene after a motorcycle crash.