2018-2020 Criminal Defense Results

The following case summaries highlight some of the various trial results, plea reductions, and ultimate resolutions achieved for clients by the criminal defense lawyers at Rittgers & Rittgers over the past twelve months.

  • No Charges Filed – Rape Accusation: Our client was accused of rape after a friendship he had with a woman turned romantic. After a night of drinking and sex in downtown Cincinnati, the woman claimed she was forcibly raped. The woman had often expressed guilt when flirting with our client because of having a boyfriend. Our client faced up to eleven years in prison and mandatory lifetime sex offender registration. Attorney Steve Kilburn conducted his own investigation by speaking with witnesses and gathering evidence. As a result of his investigation and presentation of evidence, the case was not presented to a grand jury and no charges were filed.

  • Charge Dismissed – School Threat: Our client was accused of leaving a note on his desk that stated he wanted to kill another student and "shoot up" the school. He was charged with Making False Alarms. The prosecutor refused any reduction, so Steve Kilburn filed a motion to dismiss that was ultimately granted by the Court. Our client avoided a criminal conviction.

  • Not Guilty Verdict – Public Indecency: After a tumultuous upbringing, a teenager who was upset with her mother, accused her mother’s boyfriend of masturbating in front of her. No plea was offered by the prosecutor that did not include at least ten days of jail and a criminal conviction that would impact our client’s job. Charles M. Rittgers took the case to a jury trial and his client was found not guilty of all charges.

  • Not Guilty Verdict – Theft: Our client was charged with theft after she mistakenly accepted a package from UPS that was addressed to a neighbor. Nicholas Graman successfully showed that UPS had delivered the package to the incorrect address and that our client accepted the package without knowing it was not hers and with no intent to deprive her neighbor of the property. She faced up to 180 days in jail but was found not guilty after a trial.

  • Not Guilty Verdict – Gross Sexual Imposition: A juvenile was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with another juvenile in a basement after school. The Warren County Prosecutor’s office refused any plea to a non-sexual offense given the accusations. During trial, Charlie M. Rittgers successfully demonstrated at trial that the accuser’s story was not believable, and our client was found not guilty of all charges.

  • Not Guilty Verdict - Underage Possession and Consumption: After being found in a bathroom with her highly intoxicated friend, our client admitted to drinking when she was questioned by the police. Despite her admission to consuming alcohol, attorney Nicholas Graman successfully argued that there was no proof the consumption occurred within the court’s jurisdiction and that there were no indications of impairment aside from an odor of alcohol and our client’s admission. She was found not guilty after a trial to the judge.

  • Successful Plea – First Offense OVI: Our client was charged with an OVI after a car crash in Hamilton County, Ohio. She submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and provided a breath sample. Her BrAC registered 0.158 which is roughly twice the legal limit in Ohio. Through plea negotiations, Charles M. Rittgers was able to facilitate a plea whereby she was able to avoid the OVI conviction by pleading guilty to a Reckless Operation and no contest to the Failure to Control related to the car crash. The plea avoided an OVI conviction that threatened her career and resulted in no jail time.

  • Successful Plea – Felony Sex Offense: Our client was charged with a felony sex offense in Butler County that required mandatory sexual registration, potential prison time, and a felony conviction. Through extensive plea negotiations, Neal Schuett was able to successfully negotiate a plea to a non-sexual misdemeanor offense avoiding a felony conviction, sexual reporting, and jail.

  • Successful Plea – Felony OVI: Our client was charged with a felony OVI because he had three prior OVI convictions within ten years. He was facing several years in prison, a lifetime license suspension, and a fine of over $10,000. Plea negotiations were complicated by the fact that at the time he was charged with the felony OVI, he was in a treatment program for an unrelated felony offense. Nicholas Graman was able to negotiate a plea to a misdemeanor OVI and an agreement that he could remain in the treatment program on the unrelated felony and continue to work toward an outright dismissal of that offense.

  • Successful Plea – Felony Sex Offense: Our client was an 18-year-old University of Cincinnati college student who faced a sentence of five years in prison and a lifetime of sex offender registration after a female accused him of forcing himself on her after a night of drinking in Hamilton County. The two students met during a night of drinking and the female student made the accusation after she woke up with bruising to her neck and chest. After retaining attorney Ed Perry who conducted his own investigation and met with several student witnesses who were ready and willing to support our client at trial, the case was ultimately resolved short of a trial with a plea to a misdemeanor that avoided a felony, sex offender registration, jail, and gives our client the ability to seal the misdemeanor conviction in 18 months.

  • Successful College Student Defense – Assault: Working in our Oxford Office just off campus at Miami University, attorney Neal Schuett, protects college students’ rights to attend school and their futures.
    Under Ohio law all public universities must suspend any student for any conviction for a violent offense for at least one year. Neal Schuett has recently saved several students from expulsion from Miami and Ohio colleges. Neal has successfully crafted resolutions in assault cases whereby students are permitted to remain on campus and avoid a violent crime conviction.

  • Successful College Student Defense –Title IX: Neal recently represented a student after a Title IX hearing panel found him responsible for sexual misconduct and suspended him for one year. On appeal, Neal successfully argued that the sanction was inappropriate, and the appellate board reversed the hearing panel’s suspension permitting the student to graduate on time.

  • Successful College Student Defense – Hazing Accusations: Miami University imposed a multi-year suspension on a fraternity after several hazing allegations. Dan Haughey was hired to represent and negotiate for the fraternity. Using his years of experience and knowledge of the Miami University process, he was able to lead the fraternity leadership down a path that ultimately prevented a suspension and the fraternity was permitted to remain on campus.

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