Our Recent Case Results

The following injuries and results demonstrate the wide variety of cases that Rittgers & Rittgers is accustomed to handling. The firm has successfully resolved numerous cases in almost every category listed below.

Sampling of Personal Injury Practice:

We have numerous clients who have been compensated for their injuries. The following demonstrates the wide variety of personal injury cases we have successfully handled. Due to the confidentiality of settlement agreements and respect of our clients' privacy, we will not disclose particulars with respect to results.

  • Product Liability: Woman's Arm Amputated — Our client's arm was amputated after the glove she was wearing was snagged by the rotating gear of a bush hog attached to a tractor. Despite the loss of her dominant arm, our client quickly learned to use her other arm and went on to enjoy the rest of her life.
  • Motorcycle Crash — Young man suffered broken leg requiring surgery after driver of vehicle fails to yield right of way pulling into path of motorcycle. Our client was off work for four months and incurred thousands in medical expenses.
  • Head-On Car Crash — A 25-year-old woman was hit head-on resulting in a crushed heel, broken ankle, and assorted other injuries, requiring two surgeries, when a lumber truck crossed the centerline after hydroplaning. Our client incurred thousands in medical bills and missed work for four months.
  • Product Liability/Wrongful Death: 6-Year-Old Child Killed by Falling Cafeteria Table — A vibrant, young 6-year-old boy was crushed by a large and dangerous school cafeteria table while attending an after-school day care program. Claims are pending against the school, the YMCA running the after-school program, and the manufacturer. As a result of this tragedy and the efforts of this young boy's parents and the law firms of RITTGERS & RITTGERS and ISAAC, BRANT, LEDMAN & TEETOR, a law was passed through the Ohio Legislature in order to prevent similar tragedies from happening.
  • Car Accident — A 17-year-old girl was a passenger in a vehicle that crashed into tree resulting in broken vertebrae in her neck. As a result, our client incurred thousands in medical bills. After the vertebrae healed, our client continued to suffer from headaches.
  • Product Liability: Damage to 4-Year-Old's Eye — A 4-year-old girl was injured by a flying toy, which caused severe eye damage. Our client was being supervised by her grandmother whose homeowner's insurance covered much of the claim. Our client's claim against the manufacturer and distributor of the toy is being investigated.
  • Man Pinned Between Trucks — A young man working for a waste collection company was pinned between his truck and a pick-up truck that hit him where the operator of the pick-up truck failed to see the waste disposal truck's flashing lights in the fog. Our client fractured his femur and pelvis and was hospitalized for one week. Because of the extent of his injuries, he was unable to work for a year.
  • Farm Accident — An immigrant farm worker was trapped between the owner/farmer's vehicle and the trailer that was being hitched to the farmer's truck. Our client suffered extensive internal injuries and incurred thousands in medical bills.
  • Automobile Accident — Young woman was hit broadside by man who failed to stop at a stop sign, resulting in facial lacerations and a scar to the face. Despite the severity of the car accident, our client's primary concern was a scar on her face.
  • Man Mangled After Car Pulls in Front of Motorcycle — Married father of two was severely injured including closed head injury resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills and several months of lost wages after teenage boy pulls into path of motorcycle.
  • Slip and Fall — 78-year-old woman fell over parking block moved out of place in her apartment parking lot; suffered severe head injuries requiring brain surgery. The corporation that owned the apartment building was aware that this parking block was always being pushed into the sidewalk where our client fell.