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Drivers Have an Obligation to Pedestrians

When a car or truck driver fails to see a pedestrian or fails to yield the right of way, a pedestrian accident can cause severe injuries. Even if a pedestrian was jaywalking, that does not alleviate a driver’s obligation to respond appropriately and avoid an accident.

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Too many drivers are focused only on where they need to go. When making a turn or driving on an interstate, they may be watching for other cars or trucks, but they often fail to notice a pedestrian. The same failure is also often the cause of motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents.

At the Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima law firm, our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys have the resources to investigate pedestrian accidents and determine whether the driver could have avoided the accident. With offices in Lebanon, West Chester and downtown Cincinnati, we serve clients throughout southwest Ohio.

Drivers Often Say They Did Not See the Pedestrian.

Not seeing a pedestrian is not an acceptable excuse. A driver has an obligation to be aware of everyone and everything in the path of the car. Anything less is negligence.

A driver should notice someone crossing a rural highway to get the mail — and the driver should slow down or stop. Many pedestrian accidents happen on an interstate when someone is changing a tire or dealing with some other emergency. On city and residential streets, a driver making a turn may not notice a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

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Pedestrians should be given the right of way. When they are not, and a negligent driver causes serious injury or wrongful death, the personal injury lawyers at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima can help the victim or the victim’s family pursue rightful compensation.

If you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian accident, know your rights. Contact us for a consultation. Please call us at 513-496-0134. We represent injured people and the families of wrongful death victims in Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties, as well as the surrounding parts of southwestern Ohio.

Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima

Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima

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