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Motorcycle Group Riding: Be Safe, Be Smart

Three motorcyclists were injured in a recent crash in Walnut Hills. The accident illustrates the risks involved with group riding, where many bikers can simultaneously find themselves in a deadly situation. In the Walnut Hills crash, three riders were hospitalized – one with life-threatening injuries – after an apparent mistake by one of them.

Two men were riding their motorcycles east on Martin Luther King Driver when one of them lost control of his 2006 Hayabusa 1300. The out-of-control motorcycle hit the rear tire of a 2002 Yamaha. The Yamaha’s rider was thrown to the pavement and hit by a Dodge Avenger. The Hayabusa and its rider stayed upright, but veered into the westbound lanes where it struck an oncoming Suzuki GSXR motorcycle. The Hayabusa and Suzuki riders were also ejected from their bikes.

The three-rider motorcycle accident severely harmed the riders. The Yamaha biker was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and admitted in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The Hayabusa and Suzuki riders were both hospitalized in serious condition.

While it’s not clear whether the Hayabusa and Yamaha motorcyclists were group riding, this crash demonstrates what can go wrong when motorcycles ride together. In this setting, one rider’s mistake can leave the whole group vulnerable, so it’s important for everyone to be vigilant about safety.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by the negligence of another motorist, an experienced Cincinnati motor vehicle accident attorney can help you assess your legal rights for recovering damages.

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