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Ohio Nursing Home Shut Down For Poor Patient Care

Ohio officials recently shut down Autumn Health Care Nursing Home in Zanesville after witnessing shockingly poor care at the facility. The patient care was so horrible that the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is considering filing criminal charges.

“What we saw was absolutely shocking and disturbing,” said Attorney General Mike Dewine.

Officials received numerous complaints from people who said their family member was suffering neglect at Autumn Health Care’s home. In response, the Attorney General’s office installed surveillance cameras inside the facility. They also let Autumn Health’s officials know of the complaints and the tenuous status of their nursing home license. Unbelievably, the neglect and abhorrent care continued despite Autumn Health Care staff’s knowledge that the nursing home was under government scrutiny.

The facility has temporarily been shut down as Ohio officials work to get Autumn Health Care’s license revoked through a 90-day process. Government workers are trying to find each resident another home.

As experienced Cincinnati nursing home neglect lawyers, we’re not surprised that residents received substandard care on a daily basis. However, the brazen neglect that continued despite the investigation by Ohio officials is almost unbelievable. It’s almost as if management wanted their nursing home to be shut down, and then face an array of criminal charges and personal injury lawsuits.

The elderly, disabled and mentally ill deserve to be treated with careful care and respect. Some people believe a society’s humanity should be judged by its treatment of those challenged by mental or physical conditions. In that respect, Autumn Health Care has fallen far short of the standard that most Ohioans strive for.

Source: 10tv.com, “Ohio Officials Shutting Down Zanesville Nursing Home,” June 6, 2013