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Columbus, Ohio, man dies after motorcycle accident

Spring is the time when many motorcycle aficionados dust off their leathers and prepare to take a fun ride on their motorcycles to a scenic destination. For others, motorcycling is nothing more than a more economical means of travel. Regardless of the motivations, motorists in cars, trucks and SUVs need to be aware that soon a lot more of their two-wheeled brothers will be joining them on Ohio roads.

A motorcycle accident that occurred just last week will hopefully remind car drivers to remain on alert, especially when making turns. According to a Columbus, Ohio, police report, a 65-year-old man was driving a 2009 Mercedes Benz R350 when he initiated a left turn into the path of a 26-year-old man operating a 1987 Yamaha. Police say that the driver of the motorcycle subsequently lost control of his vehicle and crashed. He was later pronounced dead at Riverside Methodist Hospital. There have been no charges filed against the driver of the car, although the case still remains open.

Car drivers sometimes forget that unlike them, people riding motorcycles have little between them and the hard pavement. They don’t have the luxury of seat belts to keep them from flying into the air after a collision or airbags to reduce their impact with other objects. That lack of protection also means that people frequently sustain greater injuries during motorcycle accidents and are less likely to walk away from events that would be very minor if done while in a car.

If you are injured as a result of someone else’s careless driving, then you should know that there are legal remedies available. It may even be possible to get compensation for your medical bills and additional expenses and losses.

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