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Ohio unit targets underage drinking and sales

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Underage Drinking

For underage individuals, alcohol may have some sort of allure because it is illegal for them to consume. Some may wish to just experience it to see what it is like, while others may attempt to consume it on a regular basis with their friends or for other reasons. However, underage drinking is a serious offense, and individuals who are found to be consuming alcohol before the age of 21 — and parties selling to these individuals — could face severe consequences.

Some counties in Ohio have seen a significant increase in the amount of alcohol that is being sold to underage individuals. A program is currently in place in some areas that makes authorities more aware of when such transactions are taking place. This unit utilizes underage individuals to act as informants and report when alcohol sellers are selling to underage parties.

Authorities will typically take informants to several locations and have them attempt to purchase alcohol. If they are successful, the employee involved in the transaction could face charges. The punishment for selling to underage individuals could be up to 180 days of jail time and a considerable fine.

This program targets individuals who are attempting to sell to underage individuals, but it is important to understand that parties can face severe penalties for participating in underage drinking. If an individual is charged for selling alcohol to an underage individual or if an underage individual is charged for consumption, finding out more about their legal options could help them determine how to handle their situation. Information regarding cases of underage drinking and sales to underage parties in Ohio could provide beneficial knowledge.