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What not to do about your license after an OVI arrest

Clients often ask us what to do regarding their driver’s license after being arrested for OVI.  In the vast majority of OVI cases, the arresting officer seizes a defendant’s license and serves them with paperwork that they are placed under an administrative license...

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Why Did the Police Charge Me with Two OVI Offenses?

When a person tests over the legal limit for alcohol or drugs, most police officers charge under both the impairment subsection and the legal limit subsection. Under Ohio law, there are generally two types of OVI offenses.  One is based upon being impaired (subjective...

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OVI Case Dismissed After Urine Test Results Prove Innocence

In October of 2020, our client was pulled over for failing to maintain her lane and impeding traffic. The trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol noted in his report, “for no apparent reason,” the car “slowed to a speed of approximately 30 mph in a posted 55 mph...

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