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Protecting Victims of Child Sex Abuse

No one can prepare you for the news that your child or someone you love has been sexually abused. Sadly, one in four girls and one in six boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before they turn 18. Do not suffer in silence! Call the sex abuse attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima.

Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima sex abuse attorneys have developed a nationwide reputation advocating for survivors of sexual abuse and victims of crime. Our attorneys have vigorously advocated for survivors and their families, securing millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts against some of the most powerful organizations and institutions in the country. We will stand up and confront the perpetrators of abuse and the institutions that enabled them to groom children.

We know that sexual abuse can be difficult to talk about, but the attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima pride themselves on their ability to give a voice to and advocate for survivors and their families. We will help you take back your power, and we will be with you at every step of the healing process. Call us today at 513-496-0134 to set up a consultation.

Our Sex Abuse Victim Advocacy Practice

Below is a list of just some of the entities and organizations we have faced on behalf of our clients:

  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Priests and the Catholic Church
  • Other religious institutions/clergy
  • Cases against high schools and colleges under Title IX
  • Private high schools and colleges
  • Treatment facilities and care providers

We have helped students sexually abused by teachers, children abused by family members and kids sexually abused by religious leaders and other authority figures.

Contact Us Today

If you or someone you love is a survivor of sexual abuse, even if he or she is now an adult, call us at 513-496-0134 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with an Ohio sex abuse attorney.