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Jurisdiction in Divorce Cases

Ohio Divorce Jurisdiction Lawyers

If you have decided to seek a divorce, you have already made one of the most emotionally charged legal decisions you will ever face. And now that you are ready to move forward, you want to ensure that you do so properly so as to avoid any unnecessary delays in the process. The next step you should take is to speak with an experienced lawyer.

At Rittgers & Rittgers, our Ohio divorce jurisdiction attorneys have helped thousands of individuals like you understand and move through the divorce process. With more than 200 years of combined legal experience, we have the knowledge, aptitude and dedication you need.

Understanding the Different Aspects of Divorce Jurisdiction

To file for divorce, you must first ensure that the court you file with has jurisdiction to hear your case. There are two parts to this jurisdiction:

  • Subject Matter: You must have at least six months of continual residency and at least 90 days within the county in which you are filing for divorce. Meeting this requirement gives the court jurisdiction over you.
  • Personal: You must provide proper service of your divorce papers upon your spouse. There are a number of ways to perfect service. Doing so gives the same court in which you filed jurisdiction over your spouse, as well.

Once you have ensured the court has jurisdiction over you and your spouse, the court has the ability to make legal decisions regarding you, your spouse and your children. This includes decisions regarding:

The first individual to file for divorce in court almost always determines where the divorce is heard. This is especially important to be aware of if you and your spouse currently live in different jurisdictions or if you are seeking divorce across state lines.

Contact Our Lawyers About Where to File Your Divorce

When you are ready to file for divorce, speak with one of our attorneys to ensure you take the right steps at the right time. Contact our Ohio divorce law firm online or call us at 513-932-2115 to schedule your initial consultation.

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