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Ohio’s Constitutional Carry: Why Get A CCW Now?

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Over the summer, Ohio changed its gun law, such that an individual no longer needs a CCW license to carry a concealed firearm. This concept is known as constitutional carry. We wrote a blog post about it here.

Even though constitutional carry is now the law of the land in Ohio, it begs the question as to why CCW licenses are still often talked about and are so popular. Why would someone obtain a CCW license if it is no longer required to legally carry a concealed weapon?

There are at least three compelling reasons to get a CCW despite being in a constitutional carry state.

  1. Under limited circumstances, an individual with a CCW license can carry in school safety zones. Ohio’s illegal conveyance statute specifically carves out an exception for those with a CCW license; though, they cannot enter a school building with the firearm and cannot be at a school activity.
  2. When purchasing a firearm, a valid CCW holder does not have to wait as long for a federal background check before purchasing the firearm. A valid CCW license holder has already been scrutinized and cleared to purchase a firearm, which expedites the firearm purchasing process for them.
  3. Finally, a CCW license can be handy for those individuals who travel outside of the state. Many states’ CCW laws have reciprocity to that of Ohio’s. In other words, not every state has constitutional carry. It is risky from a criminal law standpoint to assume other states have constitutional carry laws. However, many states who have CCW laws will recognize Ohio’s CCW license and will permit a valid Ohio CCW holder to carry their firearm in a concealed manner.

These are the three primary reasons folks in Ohio should consider obtaining a CCW license despite the fact it is no longer required to legally carry a concealed weapon.

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