What Is The Maximum Jail Sentence For Crimes In Ohio?

Ohio Felonies Are Classified as Follows:

OffenseMinimum TermMaximum TermMaximum Fine
Aggravated MurderLife w/parole opportunity in 20 yearsDeath$25,0000
Murder15 yearsLife$15,000
F-13 years10 years$20,000
F-22 years8 years$15,000
F-3 (Agg. vehicular homicides; agg. vehicular assaults; sexual battery; unlawful sexual conduct with minor; gross sexual imposition1 year5 years$10,000
F-3 (All other offenses)9 months36 months$10,000
F-46 months18 months$ 5,000
F-56 months12 months$ 2,500

Ohio Misdemeanors Are Classified As:

OffenseMinimum TermMaximum TermMaximum Fine
M-1None180 days$1,000
M-2None90 days$ 750
M-3None60 days$ 500
M-4None30 days$ 250
M-MNoneNone$ 150

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