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Insurance Helps Us Meet Our Responsibilities

Accidents happen. Mistakes happen. The person who caused the mistake needs to take responsibility. When we hurt someone because of our negligence, our insurance company is supposed to compensate the injured person. That is why we pay premiums for insurance.

If you are the victim of a serious injury, you need good legal counsel.
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Understanding What Insurance Can Do

In almost every accident case our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys handle, the damages covered by insurance. Sometimes the insurance companies fight back and don’t want to pay compensation at all or they don’t want to pay a fair amount. But that’s why we have insurance — to cover us and anyone else we might harm if we cause an accident.

What if the person who caused the car accident does not have insurance? You can turn to your own car insurance policy for coverage. It’s called uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage. We have that coverage just in case we are injured by a person without insurance.

  • Most people who drive cars are responsible, follow the law and have insurance to cover themselves and anyone else they may injure in a car accident.
  • Homeowners have insurance so that if an accident happens in the home or if the homeowner’s dog bites someone, the insurance can make it right.
  • In a truck accident, there are often multiple insurance companies. The tractor, trailer, cargo and driver may all be covered by separate policies.
  • Businesses have insurance just in case someone makes a mistake and that mistake injures or kills another person. That’s true of office buildings as well as amusement parks and water parks.

Talk To Experienced Cincinnati Lawyers

At the Rittgers & Rittgers law firm, we help people injured in accidents obtain the insurance they need for recovery. We also help the families of wrongful death victims. From offices in Lebanon, West Chester and downtown Cincinnati, our lawyers represent clients throughout southwestern Ohio.

If you have been injured in an accident and want to understand your rights to make a personal injury claim, contact us by calling 513-932-2115 and talk to a personal injury lawyer.

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