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Cincinnati Surgical Mesh Lawyers

If you were implanted with surgical mesh as part of bladder surgery or vaginal wall surgery, and have experienced complications, you should consult with a knowledgeable attorney. At Rittgers & Rittgers, we provide initial consultations for people who have reported bleeding, swelling or infections in connection with surgical mesh implants. Others have not yet reported complications but want to know how to respond to news of surgical mesh recalls.

Get the Information and Seek the Legal Counsel You Need After a Surgical Mesh Implant

Our product liability lawyers have the information and guidance that you need to ensure that your rights are protected. We advise clients whose cases are associated with multidistrict litigation. We can ensure that your interests are protected right here in Ohio, regardless of the fact that initial court decisions have come out of West Virginia in surgical mesh recall cases. We are prepared to fight for your right to be compensated appropriately for your losses.

Ohio Surgical Mesh Lawyers Provide Zealous, Effective Representation in All Personal Injury Matters

Our lawyers resolve personal injury and product liability cases of all types, including hip implant litigation. We also handle insurance issues and Social Security Disability cases. Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation if you are wondering what to do in connection with a surgical mesh implant or have related concerns.

Initial Consultation · Available 24/7 · Cincinnati Surgical Mesh Lawsuits

From law offices in Cincinnati, Lebanon and West Chester, our product liability lawyers represent people throughout southern Ohio. Contact us by calling 513-932-2115.

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